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Thurston Von Moneybags (not his real name) was scammed once by a girl in Houston. She didn't show to the meet, and that's the last time Thurston Von Moneybags ever got hustled again.He had arranged to meet her so that he might size her up and determine whether he wanted to give her a monthly stipend in exchange for regular sex and sometimes maybe dinner. Was she blonde and blue-eyed, the way he liked them? Now he meets the girls for lunch before he offers them an ahem arrangement, and he is very clear. A thing you should know is that there are very few people to root for in this story.But technology has affected this mini-economy twofold: First, as with any Etsy shop, anyone with a good to sell can now easily intersect with someone who wants this good; and second, it has created a culture of righteous entitlement, in which a fringe thing feels mainstream when you find enough people who participate in it.

So one day when he was at the gym, he saw this old guy with a very pretty young lady, and when Thurston expressed confusion to his trainer, his trainer explained that the geezer was her sugar daddy and that the young fawn was his sugar baby.Sometimes she gets a wad of money to go buy some clothing.Other times, it's concert tickets with backstage passes.What is so bad about formalizing the arrangement so that we can all just go home happy?And aside from that unpleasantness with that woman who scammed him, all Thurston had to wrestle with, really, was the nagging guilt that maybe this whole sugar-dating thing isn't so okay, particularly since he began before his divorce was even finalized. This felt like an ethical dilemma.” But he reminded himself that he was actually helping someone, a poor student, or someone who badly needed the money for, I don't know, medical bills or back taxes or vaping supplies.

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And he knows he got off easy with that woman; there are worse and more humiliating scams in the sugar-dating zip code than just losing a few hundred bucks.

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