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Sqldatasource updating old values

Is Bound Using Data Source ID; Grid View Update Event Handler handler1 = (Grid View Update Event Handler) base.

Get String("Grid View_Unhandled Even t", new object[] { this.

I'm using a sqldatasource control to populate the grid and want to write the update code in the Row Updating event. I can get the value of the first field using string old_Category = e.

To String(); it returns an error message Index was out of range. ID="Grid View1" runat="server" Auto Generate Columns="False" Data Source ID="Sql Data Source1" Border Width="0px" Border Style="None" Width="100%" Cell Padding="2" Page Size="25" On Row Deleting="Project List Grid View_Row Deleting" onrowdatabound="Grid View1_Row Data Bound" onrowupdating="Grid View1_Row Updating" onrowediting="Grid View1_Row Editing" ID="Drop Down List1" runat="server" Data Source ID="sds Ddl Projects Edit" Data Text Field="Project Name" Data Value Field="Project ID" Auto Post Back="True" onselectedindexchanged="Drop Down List1_Selected Index Changed" " Select Command="SELECT @Week Ending Week Ending , Project , Project ID , Category , Category ID ,isnull([1], 0) Sun ,isnull([2], 0) Mon ,isnull([3], 0) Tue ,isnull([4], 0) Wed ,isnull([5], 0) Thu ,isnull([6], 0) Fri ,isnull([7], 0) Sat from (select P.

After all, the stored proc is just different SQL, right? NET Quickstart on Object Data Source Commentary from Fredrik on ODS vs SDSDavid Hayden on Object Data Source and optimistic concurrency DEVX tutorial covering the ASP. Add(New Literal Control("Saved old value for the City editor is: " & CType(Session("saved Old Value"), String))) End Sub Protected Sub Rad Grid1_Item Data Bound(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Telerik. Is In Edit Mode) Then Dim txt Box As Text Box = CType(e. Find Control("Text Box1"), Text Box) Session("saved Old Value") = txt Box.The new values which the user entered before triggering the Update command can be fetched calling the Extract Values From Item method. Item = Grid Editable Item) Then Dim edited Item As Grid Editable Item = CType(e. Saved Old Values will be the dictionary which holds the 'predefined values 'Prepare new dictionary object Dim new Values As Hashtable = New Hashtable e. The code snippet below uses a Session variable for this purpose: Protected Sub Rad Grid1_Update Command(By Val source As Object, By Val e As Telerik. Here is a sample code (note that this approach is applicable for auto-generated grid column editors): Protected Sub Rad Grid1_Item Command(By Val source As Object, By Val e As Grid Command Event Args) If (e.

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Within those methods, you can provide all the required intelligence you need -- validation, optimization, and caching logic if you like. While the steps listed here are pretty simple, there are some things to watch out for. We also talked about naive code from wizards, how to handle exceptions, and a better design for updating enterprise operational databases.

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