Speed dating spanish

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Speed dating spanish

We play lots of games as a class, we write a fair bit, now the focus will be on conversations.There were lots of giggles while doing this activity, be prepared!The preparation of this activity took me an hour and a half last night......guess what, I left half of the biscuits in my car, half a mile away from the school.I had to run in my short break to get them and just arrived in time for my year 6 class.The class was divided in two - half writing in support of zoos and the other half opposing them.I did that on purpose because it made for an easy debate since the topic is so controversial.What a great opportunity to write our own minibooks!It's Friday and the second to last period of the day when my Spanish 4 Honors class walks in.

We haven't finished celebrating love yet, in April we will talk about "el dia de San Jordi", the Catalan Valentine's Day, when boys give roses to the girls and girls give the boys books.

Some of them were 95 years old, some were just 1 or 2.

I clapped every 2 minutes, they had to change partners then.

Also, we talked about various environmental problems in Latin America in regards to climate change and energy and discussed the possible solutions to these issues.

Finally, the students wrote a formal letter to the President in regards to the existence of zoos.

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The learning objective for today was to create sentences with time expressions in our topics: daily routine (Year 5) and school (Year 6).