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Dodd-Frank was the banking and financial reform legislation passed by Congress in the wake of the 2008 fiasco. The gravest failure was that it did not split up the giant too-big-to-fail banks of Wall Street – the likes of JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs – something that was necessary to abolish their neon-illuminated conflicts of interest and to prevent them from being able to shake down the US government again if their market funding dried up. And it did tighten up on consumer protection, putting a stop to some of the more obvious opportunities for bankers to enrich themselves by misselling financial products to the unwitting American public. During his campaign he promised to “dismantle” the legislation, without ever giving a coherent reason why.

Trump posed as the champion of “the forgotten men and women of America” on the campaign stump and did not take much money from Wall Street, certainly relative to previous Republican candidates.

she thinks that her time in England was worth it, but to me nothing is more important than starting a family.” The People’s Square "Marriage Market," or the "matchmaking corner" as the locals call it, is a Shanghai institution.

One could look at the mountains of public debt piled up in the wake of the crisis (as governments, thank goodness, carried on spending while tax revenues collapsed in order to stop their economies slumping into new depressions).

However it’s calculated, the cost of the global financial crisis was colossal. We are all significantly poorer today because of the stupidity, greed, irresponsibility and, often, downright criminality of a small band of financiers, mostly based in Wall Street and the City of London, whose behaviour combined to push the global financial system to the brink of total collapse.

And we should be scared out of our wits over the possibility of a repeat. Instead, the incoming President of the United States gives every impression that he will soon be hustling America – and possibly the entire world – in the direction of another catastrophic financial crisis. It did prevent investment banks making massive and dangerous bets with their own money.

The share price of American bank stocks took off like fizzing fireworks after Trump’s shock November victory.

Traders expect Trump to deliver an aggressive deregulation. During the last crash central banks cut interest rates from around 5 per cent to zero and bought up trillions of dollars of bonds and loans to stabilise the system.

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