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At the rate they were going, Coran wouldn’t even be surprised if they were friends by the end of the week. Pidge is just minding her own business, walking down the hall of the castle, when she hears yelling. But Lance totally starts most of the fights, so it seems like a good guess. “I mean, obviously something, but it was me who screwed it up.” Pidge doesn’t really want to urge him on (because, awkward), but Allura was at least a little right with the whole ‘green paladin has an inquisitive mind’ thing. “We were just - I mean, we were arguing, but it just kept getting worse and worse and he got under my skin and I said some pretty terrible things.” “It couldn’t have been that bad-” “No.” Keith cuts Pidge off. You guys seem like you’ve mostly gotten over the whole rivalry thing and he obviously cares about you, so even if whatever this fight was about is as a bad as you’re saying it is, when push comes to shove if you just give Lance some time to cool off and then apologize to him, he’ll most likely forgive you.” “I guess.” Keith says....

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With thousands of singles dating online each week, there is a wider choice, making a more cost-effective way to find love and meet other singles searching for romance in the UK....

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Though you’ll find evidence of a lot of these subcultures online and in most major cities, you don’t have to belong to any of them, and you could also create your own....

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