Pullman sex chat

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Pullman sex chat

Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman: I'd love to join you, but I'm a bit busy. Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman: Minding my own business. Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman: Max, I can't just leave.

Robert Strickland: He doesn't want it stopped. Brian Lane: And like Jack said, this is a pension fund they're interfering with. Jack Halford: He doesn't care about that, Brian. Sandra Pullman: Serious and Organized were acting on a tip-off and they found a huge heroin stash, but also discovered a whole stockpile of documents. Sandra Pullman: Well, several are covered with the fingerprints of a man murdered five years ago. [Strickland and Sandra are annoyed to be kept in the dark and ordered around by Stephen Fisher. Stephen Fisher: Everything you need is in the documents I provided. Stephen Fisher: [ominously] No-one leaves this building.

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Robert Strickland: I think it's time you left, Stephen.

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