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Online adult dating arebya

During this ritual, pilgrims throw 7 tiny pebbles (specifically, no larger than a chickpea) at the largest of 3 white pillars.The crowded conditions at this site pose potential hazards; multiple deadly crowd crush disasters have occurred at and around Mina.Pilgrims travel by foot or by bus approximately 5 miles (8 km) to the tent city of Mina, the largest temporary city in the world, where most pilgrims are housed in air-conditioned tents.At dawn on the 9th day of Dhul Hijah, pilgrims begin a nearly 9 mile (14.4 km) walk, bus ride, or train ride to the plain of Arafat, passing Muzdalifah along the way (Map 4-02).

More than 2 million Muslims from over183 countries make Hajj each year (approximately 2.8 million in 2010); more than 11,000 pilgrims travel from the United States.Hajj climaxes on the Plain of Arafat, a few miles east of Mecca.Pilgrims spend the day in supplication, praying and reading the Quran.The World Health Organization recommends travelers visiting farms or other areas where animals are present practice general hygiene measures, including regular handwashing before and after touching animals and avoiding contact with sick animals.Travelers should avoid the consumption of raw or undercooked animal products (including milk and meat).

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