Olga kay dating toby turner

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Toby Joe Turner (born March 3, 1985), also known by his stage name Tobuscus, is an American Internet personality, actor, comedian and musician.

Originally from Niceville, Florida, he currently resides in Los Angeles, California and is best known for his You Tube videos, as well as a number of television and film roles.

However, I can say that my time with him has given me the experience and perspective to believe their accounts are absolutely true.” Amelia Talon, another ex-girlfriend of Turner’s, also posted a video in which she described how she had felt pressured to take MDMA while dating the You Tuber, and that she had also felt pressured to have sex with him.

In May 2013, Turner set up a fundraising campaign on crowdfunding website Indiegogo for an i OS (and later Android) game based on his Tobuscus Adventures You Tube series, called Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards! Before its release, Toby also revealed that a second, albeit smaller game, was in development at the same time and based on the popular sandbox game Minecraft, titled "Mine The Diamond", which was later released in June 2015 for i OS.

In May 2014, Turner signed a three-book deal with Tegen Books, an imprint of Harper Collins, to help create an illustrated journal-style series based on Tobuscus Adventures.

The Tobuscus channel has since continued to focus on comedic skits and animated sketches.

Turner's Literal Trailers series is one of his most popular, earning him mainstream recognition from CBS News, who described his rendition of the Dead Island trailer as "amazing" and "hilarious", In April 2009, Toby began using his "Toby Turner" channel to upload daily unedited vlogs, which he dubbed "lazy vlogs." In July 2010, Toby registered his fourth (third in use) You Tube channel under the name "Toby Games", designating it for a new series of comedic Let's Play videos.

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The channel has featured playthrough videos of numerous games since its inception, including the long-running Minecraft and Happy Wheels series.

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