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There is no explicit Adult mode so just who this cartoon cat is aimed at when it’s not in Child mode is unclear.Whoever they are, they need to be able to type because the app answers to written questions.

If Child mode is important, then the app is badly in need of an obvious way for a parent to see, at a glance, whether Child mode is on or not.

Antiques expert Hilary Kay said: “Alright, picture the scene,” prompting Bruce to joke: “I’m trying not to! Then you pull it up to keep it out of the way of the mud.”Trying to guess, Bruce said: “The only thing about the skirt-lifter, is if you’ve got a long skirt on, you’re then going to have to bend all the way down with these little short handles to lift it up. ”After a few giggles, Bruce concluded: “Thank you very much, Hilary, with your skirt-lifter.

”Explaining how the item may be used, Kay elaborated: “It’s raining, you have a long skirt, there is no little crossing sweeper to clear your path. “And then unless you’re going to lift it up to your knicks, you know, you’d have to walk around like that. Not something I ever thought I’d say in the same sentence. We've been a bit naughty #Antiques Roadshow.”“Fiona Bruce saying Knicks........

It’s light-years away from secret paedophiles hiding in the app but it might be the tiny pebble that caused the first ripple in the pond. The easiest way that you can tell if you’re in Child mode is that there’s no chat at the bottom of the screen.

One of the screen shots below shows the app with Child mode on and one shows the app with Child mode off. The ‘Chat with me’ box only appears when Child mode is off.

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To me they are innocuous and I wouldn’t be in the least bit concerned if my children heard them.

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