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Those songs are put in sequence on the second side those five songs from "Junkhead" to "Angry Chair" for a reason: Because it tells a story. A good portion of it is a story, and it's meant to be that way.It starts out with a really young naive attitude with "Junkhead", like drugs are great, sex is great, rock'n' roll, yeah! It's kind of overwhelming and unpleasant at times, unsettling maybe, but that's why all those songs are together. By that last season I was like, ''Would everyone please die, so this can be over? In the life of faith, we have the experience of starting something but not finishing, too. (Never have I been so captivated by the beginning of a series; or so weary, bewildered, and disappointed by the ending.Dirt was recorded at Eldorado Recording Studio in Burbank, California, London Bridge Studio in Seattle, and One on One Studios in Los Angeles from March to May 1992. The song originally appeared on the soundtrack to the film Singles. " is one of Alice in Chains' signature songs, appearing at nearly every concert the band has performed since its release."I was going through a tough time, everyone was, but that's what made the album stronger and more intense, I look back on that period of time as the longest four years of sex, drugs and alcohol we all went through," Cantrell said in a 2007 interview with The Seattle Times. Drug use was front and center as a lyrical theme on the album.With Dirt, it’s not like we were saying ‘Oh yeah, this is a good thing.’ It was more of a warning than anything else, rather than ‘Hey, come and check this out, it’s great!

It is the band's last album recorded with all four original members, as bassist Mike Starr was terminated from the band in January 1993. ", "Them Bones", "Angry Chair", "Rooster", and "Down in a Hole"; all with accompanying music videos.That's exactly what I didn't want to happen." Cantrell said in 2013: "That darkness was always part of the band, but it wasn’t all about that.There was always an optimism, even in the darkest shit we wrote. He struck up a conversation with her, "Are you married? " She replied, "I am looking for a man with certain qualities." He asked, "What kind of qualities are you looking for in a man? He came day after day to encourage her, and was one of the reasons she fought for life. Elizabeth Barrett Browning's most famous pieces is "Sonnets from the Portuguese," which she wrote to describe her deep, devoted, and undying love she had for her husband.

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Cantrell explained the song on the liner notes of 1999's Music Bank box set: "["Down in a Hole"]'s in my top three, personally. It's the reality of my life, the path I've chosen and in a weird way it kind of foretold where we are right now.