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They are like her best friends now, and she needs to talk to them daily.We can’t deny the fact that having a trustworthy partner can lead to a peaceful life! Well, just like you, there are many who get cheated from their wife and they keep on asking that “how to check my wife’s cell phone”.She has chosen to play with these friends over me, and our children, hurting all of us to be picked over like that.I ahve now found out that she had an online affair with one of these men.He said that the intimacies exchanged during the course of a purely literary relationship were far more compelling than face-to-face banter.‘You have more control over your personality and can ­construct an alter ego,’ he said.

One moment’s carelessness with your phone could mean a lifetime’s misery.

We haven't met up again yet, but he keeps suggesting it — I don't think I can hold out for long.

I don't really want an affair, but I feel desperate at the thought of losing this excitement and returning to my dull life. You say you don’t want a love affair, but to all intents and ­purposes, you have already embarked upon one.

But, when relationships come at stake, and you suspect your wife to be cheating you, it is imperative to know if you’re being deceived or not. Many times, traditional monitoring methods are used for catching a cheating spouse like listening to their calls or checking their messages secretly.

Time and again, you might have ignored her tantrums or not paid any more attention to her mood swings. However, nowadays there are modern methods for tracking anybody’s phone activities. Using this, you one can keep track of each and every activity of your wife’s mobile phone secretly without even touching her phone. So, if you want to track your wife’s phone, with the help of spy software, you can track her phone anytime and from anywhere.

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You’ve been preparing ­yourself for adultery from the moment you met this man — ­otherwise you would have mentioned the encounter to your husband.