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“I think there is a change because huge work has been done to raise the level of public awareness.” Activists reiterate the critical importance of changing deeply engrained attitudes and perceptions about the value of girls and women “with the ultimate goal of getting families to embrace having daughters.” “You can see the difference in communities in how the girls are raised and how the boys are raised,” Sevan Petrosyan, who manages a project aimed at tackling gender inequality for World Vision in Armenia, said in an interview in the capital.

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Government officials told the Thomson Reuters Foundation it was difficult to measure the impact of the law alone on the declining rate of sex-selective abortions but the legal change alongside awareness raising campaigns played a big part.

“It takes a long time to change mindsets,” Gayane Avagyan, head of the maternal health division at the Armenian ministry of health, said in an email.

Last year the government outlawed sex-selective abortions, Pujol-Mazzin writes.

, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) “estimates that in Armenia, nearly 93,000 women will be missing by 2060 if the country’s high pre-natal sex selection rate remains unchanged.” Armenia, which became an independent nation in 1991, is located in the South Caucasus region between Europe and Asia.Seats are allocated to parties using the share of the vote at the national level, with half awarded to those in the national list and half to those who receive the most preference votes in the district lists.A party list can not include over 70% of representatives of the same sex, and any there cannot be four consecutive members of one sex on a nationwide party list.The ballot paper has two sections; one of which is a closed list of candidates for the party at the national level and the other an open list of candidates for the constituency (of which there are 13) that the voter is voting in.Voters vote for a party at the national level and can also give a preference vote to any of candidates of the same party in a district list.

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