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In the grieving process, hiding replaces community. The rush to "transform" loss into something "good" replaces the slow, messy, difficult process of living in the anguish of grief.

Remember the scene where Keanu is describing the bomb on the bus and he's having Alan Ruck narrate the specifics of what he sees to Jeff Daniels?As I begin to express that cycle and offer myself via language to the people I serve, a juggernaut of emotion arises within me. It beseeches me to reveal it, because it knows it’s going to have an impact. This means every fucking word must be available to me in my arsenal.It's going to touch lives, whether one life or a million. There's no time for flowery bullshit masquerading as "compassion"; I mean, look, there’s far more tenderness in the word "fuck" than in the word "sunshine."When used with purpose, fuck is vulnerable. What so many fail to understand is that masking our pains with flowery language is far more damaging than any swear word could ever be. At one point in our conversation, she starts to utter the word "fuck" and promptly stops herself. She's describing the unbearable pain she's endured in facing the horror of having to live without the angel who so mightily filled her with joy.

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