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Details view not updating

Luckily Display Name is a property which can be set using Power Shell.

I can manually set this property by calling the object and setting the Display Name property, as shown below.

There are two timer jobs responsible for this When a user first accesses a site, a copy of some user information is copied to the site collection.

To be more specific, it's copied into the User Info table in the content database in which the site collection exists.

The customer had taken typical troubleshooting steps prior to my engagement.

This included performing a user profile import, ensuring that the user profile information in the user profile service application was up to date, running the operation. To understand why this was happening, we had to take a look at what was "supposed" to happen.

Synchronizing user profile information in Share Point Server 2010 is really a multi-step process.

I'm going to break it down into two large processes – each of those processes could be broken down further, and of course many existing blogs do just that.

Of course, scripting that didn't take me "hours", creating functions, performing error handling, etc. Now let's get back to what could have saved me hours of work.

As I said, the protocol documentation appears to reference WSS 3.0, however this does not appear to have changed in Share Point Server 2010.

So – Now that we know what's happening, what do we do to resolve this issue?

I'll discuss what I did first, and then I'll discuss a method that would have saved me a couple hours of work (if I knew then what I know now).

If you've been following my blog this year, you may have guessed – I decided to write a Power Shell script. First we're going to use Get-SPUser to return the user object we're targeting. As you can see, the display name isn't what I want it to be.

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I haven't yet investigated how this all works in Share Point Server 2013 Preview, so I can't comment on that yet.