Dating too nice

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Again, it's all about risk management: if you want to take the risk of him meeting someone else, then go for it.

As a man you can only comment on your own truth bombs, but women can comment on them at will, and you can also be a voyeur on everyone else’s.Do buys who are too nice also seem entitled, becasue they think you owe them since they did nice things for you—things maybe you didn’t even ask for? I think “nice guys” feel entitled to women because they are nice.An actual nice guy understands that nice is important, but that doesn’t mean everyone from the opposite sex is going to want to be with you …. just because a girl is nice, doesn’t mean that’s going to mean all men like her.I always see it on Lifetime movies: the guy comes into the woman's life and he is just perfect. Perhaps a guy can come off as so nice in the beginning that he appears to be covering up for something bad.A woman might avoid a relationship with him if something just doesn't feel right.

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I've seen some friends take their time with a nice guy. Maybe a woman wants to meet some new guys and "sew her wild oats" while the nice guy fawns over her.

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