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Tonight they also have world-famous conga player Robin Jones, and on saxophone Nick Newall, who’s worked with the likes of the Kinks, Zoot Money, Gary Brooker and Andy Summers.

In fact, there is no, and never has been an "Ibanez factory." as any Ibanez fan will tell you, they are made in the Fuji gen Gakki factory.They work through a gutsy and energised set as befits “some of the best blues hounds around”, being joined on and off by Cox, Mayo, harmonica stalwart Shakey Vick, Jim Mercer on bass and slide guitarist Tim Nolan (the inspiration behind the Eel Pie Club). Isn’t it amazing that so many malts from that period smell of guavas, mangos, passion fruits or tangerines? Mouth (neat): hot, peaty, lemony and peppery, with something soapy (cologne) but I guess that comes from the alcohol.I’m sure that there were even more people on stage as I was almost left standing on my own by the end, and I quite fancied the thought of having a go myself, but that no doubt was pure bravado brought on by the generous helpings of red wine that my companions were serving me. If you ever get the chance you should see the Barcodes, and for that matter the Incredible Blues Puppies. It’s as good as the Barcodes get – and highly recommended. It’s well the case here, and this Glen Moray could be mistaken for a Lochside or even a Springbank. With water: t got completely different, much more ‘maritime’. Then linseed oil, wet chalk and wet wool (make that Ileach sheep), fresh walnuts and almonds... With water: oh yes, it all got much better with water.Actually it feels like a lot of the old blues foot soldiers are in the audience.In fact, to be honest it’s a bit like waking up in an R&B rest home (Dungroovin’ perhaps?

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What this means is that; Ibanez (Fuji Gen-Gakki), as well as Aria (Matsumoku), and to a lesser extent Tokai (Kasuga), made both very high quality, and very low budget guitars, and various qualities between, depending on what was ordered by the trading company for the importer they represented.

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