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His wife knows about me and doesn't care for me because she feels Im part of the reason their marriage ended.

When he has his kids I give him all the space he needs.

I just tell him that I understand his position but he also knows that I am hoping for a future with him.

It doesn't help to pester him so I go about my normal life and enjoy the time we share.

When I'm feeling left out I usually turn to family and friends for comfort.

There are times when I feel uncertain of where I stand because I feel like I need answers NOW.

I wanna know where this relationship is headed and so forth.

we were together for eight years, but life was always planned around his kids and time table his ex wife agreed on.

Not only i had to work around him but i even had to change my plan with my kids to work around him.

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But all the while I know in my heart that I'm not ready to step away from him.

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