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Dating a volunteer firefighter

So you may have planned for a romantic date a whole week in advance only to find out that your boyfriend is supposed to be on duty that evening or needs to rush to the fire station on an emergency.

Even though being a fireman does not mean that you can’t have a personal or a family life, it would be sensible not to compare your partner’s working hours with someone who in a nine-to-five job or has a more sedate career like that of a professor.

Firemen need to be strong and physically fit in order to be able to discharge their duties which could include taking the injured out from a fire or even using their physical strength to break down obstacles.

In order to match up to the good looks of firemen, it would help if you could spruce up yourself as well.

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Over time, if your fireman boyfriend is assured that you are the kind of girl he wants to be with, you will be made part of his professional circle but till that time comes, don’t push for it.

Be patient If an attractive physique and a dashing uniform are the best part about a fireman’s profession, long working hours and an unpredictable routine are the aspects which are far less agreeable.

Once you start frequenting the station, you will surely be meeting many of the firemen on a regular basis and you can easily choose someone single and interesting from among them.

Spruce yourself up One common reason why women want to date firemen is because they are more often than not good looking and physically attractive.

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Go for a lively conversation Firemen are used to stress at their workplace which is probably why when they chill out, they like to have a good time.