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Specifically, OER could potentially affect educational costs because the expense of copying and distributing openly licensed materials (especially digital materials) can be greatly reduced compared to most copyrighted educational materials.

Reduced educational costs, together with increased ability to keep OER up-to-date and access to materials on the first day of class, have the potential to impact student outcomes.

Only three teachers did not have a master's or doctoral degree.

For instance, teachers and students were asked to compare the cost, quality and patterns of use of their open textbook to what they normally experienced with traditional textbooks.

In addition, teachers were asked about the impact of the open textbook adoption on their own preparation time and pedagogy and on their students' preparedness and engagement.

Outcomes could also be affected by how teachers and students use OER in ways that differ from how they use traditional materials.

Finally, student and teacher perceptions of OER have the potential to shed light on conflicting use patterns and outcomes.


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