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Chicagodatingscene net

And when we finally do commit to a relationship, in the back of all our minds, hiding, is the thought that we are missing out on the somone more fit, smarter, better looking, more wealthy, etc…

People are quick to move on when an issue arises without fear, resulting in an endless string of semi-surface connections and relationships.

On the other, the search for perfection often results in making additional compromises because we’ve waited too long. As boys become men and girls become women, Chicago society herds the gen pop into certain tracks.

College, first job, girlfriend/boyfriend, second job, engaged, married, first house in suburbs (if you’re slightly more hip, you stay in the city), kids…

Chicagoans are level headed, hardworking rational businesspeople that are ideal for any organization.

As an entrepreneur and a bit of big picture dreamer that doesn’t follow the track, there are opportunities and there are limitations.

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I love the amount of information that I can get about everything at anytime my heart desires.

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