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This allows a session to be recorded once with the webcam service and used repeatedly with the replay service.

Video Whisper Live Streaming provides web based live video streaming (from webcam or similar sources).

You and a friend will both need a camera and microphone (most laptop computers will ship with them these days, but there are many commercial options to fit any user’s needs), as well as matching software.

These methods cover usage of the the most popular choices for video chat.

While broadcasting, you can geotag your broadcast with your current location by clicking on the globe-symbol, which will try to locate you based on your computer's Internet connection.

This only works in modern browsers, and the accuracy may vary depending on your computer and Internet connection type.

Also to integrate with any php script or content management system that does not have a ready made integration, yet.Zoom in on the map to set the location more accurately.You can remove geotags from your broadcasts on your channel page.To see a single frame, use one of the following URIs: If the Format field is set to Guid. Frame field contains raw image data, in the Pixel Format. When requesting a raw frame the Size field in the request is ignored. To set which frame capture size, specify the Width and Height fields.Otherwise the Frame field contains a binary serialization of the image using the appropriate image format. It is only possible to specify a size that the camera supports.

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You also need an internet connection with good upload-bandwidth, and a browser with Adobe Flash-support.

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