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You are giving it permission, and even asking it to awaken you after each dream. You see, if you do not awaken within five minutes of the dream ending, you will not recall it.

If, however, you tell your heart that dreams are leftover undigested pizza, then you heart lets you sleep through the dream and doesn't awaken you after it is over, and thus you do not recall it. What vital question must continually be asked during this process?

Thus, the average person sleeping for eight hours a night will dream about one to two hours of that time.

Alpha level sleep is where one has what is called Rapid Eye Movement (REM).

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As an engaging, interactive teacher, Mark encourages participation of the whole group, and uses the dreams of seminar volunteers for hands-on training. Sleep laboratories have proven that everyone dreams one to two hours each night during a certain period of sleep known as alpha level, which is light sleep.Every 90-minute cycle of sleep begins with alpha, then goes into deeper sleep which is called theta, and finally deepest sleep which is called delta.Right now, I feel like a 'bull in the china closet.'" So the above two dreams are talking about issues taking place within me and are counseling and encouraging me, saying, "Even though I feel awkward about this new direction in my life (of hearing God's voice, seeing vision, and journaling), if I will keep with it, it will take me to a higher place in God, and it will clean up some areas in my life.And yes, it is going to be a struggle to shut down the analytical reasoning process in my life which has ruled me and been a god in my life for many years." by Mark and Patti Virkler.

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The third time in alpha, the dream period is about 15 minutes, and so on.

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