100 free midget cams used in radiocarbon dating

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100 free midget cams

Pressing a catch at one end of the body enabled the entire back to be removed and, inside, film loading was made easier by having spools that swung in and out of the body.All these features were common to two models—initially called the A/D and the A/N—launched at the same time.

I have a box of film with an expiration date of August, 1953.

To close the camera, the four struts were held by the thumbs and middle fingers of each hand.

As they were pulled out slightly, the index fingers were used to press the lens panel backward, the four struts folding neatly to fit inside the body, top and bottom of the now collapsed lens panel. The first was a small reflecting brilliant type which, when the camera was held in the vertical position, viewed the subject through an aperture in the lens panel.

The shutter, set by a small lever beneath the lens, was speeded 1/25, 1/50, and 1/100 sec, plus “B” and “T.” It was released by a tiny lever behind the lens panel on the opposite side to the foldout viewfinder.

A leg to support the camera in its vertical position swiveled down from beside the shutter lever.

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