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Danvers Plains took advantage of important crossroads and the introduction of the railroad in the 1840s to become the prominent commercial center. Joseph Putnam, uncle of one of the "bewitched girls," lived here in 1692. Israel Putnam, American commander Bunker Hill was born here in 1718. Originally owned in 1636 by Townsend Bishop, this land was occupied by Francis Nurse, whose wife, Rebecca, was accused of witchcraft in April of 1692 and was executed the following July. The house was torn down in 1784 and excavated beginning in 1970. This Georgian style gambrel roof structure was built by Jeremiah Page, early Danvers brickmaker. Thomas Gage, Commander of British forces in North America and Royal Governor of the colony, used the left, front room as his Royal Office. Joseph Peabody for an estate to hide his cargoes from British capture. Endicott, Jr., son of the Secretary of War under Cleveland, transformed the home into a stylish Georgian Revival country mansion in the 1890s.Putnamville and Danvers Highlands were noted for their important and early shoe manufacturing industry, while farms throughout Danvers became known far and wide for the Danvers half-long carrot, and the Danvers onion, still popular today. John Endecott, first Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, lived here at his "Orchard Farm," and planted this pear tree as part of the first cultivated nursery in the New World. It remains as a living link between the present generation and that of our founding fathers. One of the few to decry witch trials, he kept pistols loaded and horses ready should he be accused. "Old Put" was famous for his command, "Don't fire 'til you see the whites of their eyes." The house, now owned by the Danvers Historical Society, includes a prominent 18th century gambrel roofed addition. The homestead is today owned by the Danvers Alarm List Company, and is a superb example of a Colonial farmstead. The Parris slave Tituba was one of the first accused of witchcraft and her confession helped lead to the accusation of dozens of others. Today this town park includes original foundation walls and interpretive signs. Jeremiah Page was a captain of the town's militia, and in April 1775 led his men in violent conflict with the retreating British. The gardens were laid out by Frederick Law Olmsted and Joseph Chamberlain. The Danvers Library was the result of funds given by native son George Peabody, internationally acclaimed banker and philanthropist.Its local bricks became nationally famous, while the later leather tanning industry brought a diverse and colorful mixture of new immigrant labor to the area.

She was born and raised in Decatur, Georgia, and spent most of her youth working with producer Anthony Dent, as a songwriter and background vocalist for several R&B and hip hop artists.Her musical influences come from her father's side of the family.Hilson's debut studio album, In a Perfect World..., was released in 2009, and debuted at number four on the US Billboard 200 chart, eventually being certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).Also on the property is the frame of the ca-1681 Zerubabel Endecott house. A memorial off Ingersoll Street dedicated in 1976 lists the names of 19 Danversites who gave their lives during the War for Independence. A wonderful example of chronological house development, this was the 1692 home of Sarah Holten, who gave damaging testimony against Rebecca Nurse during the witch hysteria. On the front lawn of Town Hall are memorials to those Danversites who sacrificed their lives during the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam War. Open Monday to Thursday a.m.- p.m., Friday - p.m., Saturday a.m.- p.m., and Sunday - p.m. A unique venture of pooling of community resources, the Archival Center has perhaps the most varied and extensive collection of manuscript, printed, and photographic material relating to an individual community in New England. It sits on town land directly opposite from the site of the Salem Village Meeting House where many of the witchcraft examinations took place. The earliest portion of house dates to the 17th century occupation of Deacon Nathaniel Ingersoll, yeoman and innkeeper. Although professing her innocence, she was thrown into jail where she died a few months later, becoming the first victim of the delusion. Here lie the remains of the early settlers of Salem Village dating from the 1640s.Days of operation: June 15 Labor Day, Wednesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. Several other markers are also located on this town park. Here, during the revolutionary period, lived Judge Samuel Holten - physician and statesman. The home is now owned by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Here resides collections of public, church and private records including the Historical Society manuscript collection , preserved and available to researchers. Of local design and featuring puritan symbols, the monument was dedicated in 1992 and includes the names of those who died, as well as heroic statements of eight who were executed. Structurally similar to houses built a generation earlier, this is the birthplace of Col. A lieutenant at Wolfe's capture of Quebec, Hutchinson led a company at the Lexington Alarm and, in 1776, his 27th Regiment saved Washington's troops from destruction by the British at Long Island by ferrying the army across the river. Here are buried beneath an unmarked burial mound Ann Putnam and her parents, Ann and Thomas, all of whom played key roles in the witchcraft hysteria. On the second floor of the structure is a ballroom having a curved ceiling with delicately carved border. A square-hipped roof dwelling of Georgian design, this building was built by prominent minister and patriot Rev. It is on this spot that many accused witches were examined in 1692. This massive and impressive complex was designed for the care of the mentally ill. Literally hundreds of settlers are buried in unmarked graves, including early ministers and their families as well as persons killed by Indians.

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